Friday, 12 October 2012

Right then....Jeremy from Sylva contacted me today...a). to tell me my kit will be ready next week, and b). to inform me that he is looking into a slight change in the way the rear clam shell opens (was backwards, now will be forwards). The reason for the clam now going forwards is mainly to do with the exhaust clearence.

As much as I want to get my dirty mits on the car, I'm going to pick up early Nov...I've got quite a lot on at the mo with my youngest up and down to Great Ormand Street Hospital. Plus it does give me time to finish the engine / gearbox and also get rid of the donor car.

Updates this week.....well, it was time to attach the 'very dirty' gearbox. Yet another tenna spent in halfords on a litre of gunk, and boy did it need it!....two nights scrubbing an I finally ended up with something worthy of being painted. At the same time I have replaced the clutch slave cylinder, and of course the clutch will be replaced when the engine and gear box are finally married. I will need to take both up when I pick up the car as one of the engine mounts is slightly different and Jeremy will weld up a different mount while I wait...Great service.

Back to the gear box...Here she is in all of her flat black glory :-)
In addition, I have cut down the puma top engine cover as it acts as a nice seal for the spark plug area.

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