Thursday, 18 October 2012

Fuel pump, inlet manifold and wiring

I spent some time dismantling the fuel pump bracket last night. The pump itself looks very small, but obviously up to the job. For the build, you use the existing bracket but it needs lengthening to the pump reaches the bottom of the fuel tank. The fuel tank is deep thin rather than shallow and long (as it is in the Puma), and sits in front of the bulkhead in the passenger footwell. The advantage of this set up is there is no need (as far as I can see) for a swirl pot set up to aviod fuel surge (which involves a lifter pump, additional small tank, and extra pipework). The fuel should keep the pump covered as the pump sits at the bottom of a high and narrow tank. Time will tell of course, and a track day will be the real test.

More fetling on the inlet manifold, I am currently chain drilling the portholes around the plastic gasket...In all honesty, I should have bought the flange from ebay, as one of the chaps on the locost forum makes them for reasonable prices. Said person has also supplied me with a blank air filter back plate that will be used to mount the pipercross PX500 air filter.

Made some progress on the wiring too...have now buzzed out two of the sub looms so I have all the connections written down. When doing the wiring, I like to be able to disconnect the various looms where possible, so currently loom 1 has the injectors, TPS, VCT, camshft position sensor. Loom 2 has the inlet manifold temp sensor, alternator, VR sensor. Both connect into the main loom that will go to the ecu.

On another note, the DVLA have let me down (or possibly the royal mail), the V5 never arrived for the Puma, so although I've now finished with it, I can't get rid of it. I've just sent off my V62 for a replacement logbook, and a V890 to apply for SORN.

Looks like pickup date is going to be the weekend of the 10/11th Nov 12....

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