Saturday, 27 October 2012

Curse the day I decided to make the inlet manifold!!!

Seriously, if you ever think about making an inlet manifold which has massively convoluted angles......DON'T!

I should have bought a weber dcoe manifold and spaced the throttle live and learn, but I'm too far down the road now to be you can see the two flanges are finished and I'm almost there with the first tube.....ended up bolting the two together to get the distance and spacing. But my hands are covered in blisters from trying to file them down...ouch!.

Although I always vowed to keep this blog about the car, we had some good news about our youngest who is now 2 and a half yrs old...he had reconstructive surgery on his trachea 6 weeks ago at gosh, and another trip up this week has confirmed all seems well...we are hoping we are on the home run now to getting his tracheostomy out which might mean he can make some noise. He's a real trooper who just plods on and gets on with life....inspirational really, watching these young kids coping with life's ups and downs.

Saturday now, and although the wife doesn't know it yet, the main loom is going to be slithering into the house tonight like a giant python, and will park itself on the lounge floor where the buzzing out and stripping starts.....can't beat that for a sat night can you?

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