Thursday, 4 October 2012

Not to much going on now the cam belt etc has been done. I've been doing much staring  at the inlet manifold and the alternator position and come to the conclusion that I simply don't want to move the alternator, so so the inlet manifold is going to have to fit 'SOMEHOW!'.

The cambelt sprocket is an interference fit, so the torque on the crank bolt needs to be enough to hold it in place..i.e. lots of it!. You also have to be very careful with the VCT system, as you loosen the cam belt off the inlet cam pulley can spin. For this reason, I made a cam locking tool, but ALSO made a mark on the cam pulley to make sure when the belt went back on the cam shaft / pulley were as before.

New aux belt / Idle pulley arrived and fitted (thats not very exciting is it).

Throttle bodies will not need re-spacing as they need to be offset slightly from cylinder number. Purchased some 'air ducts' from ebay that I have managed to make fit as TB trumpets (very cheap, so quite pleased with that). The air filter back plate will be mounted on the trumpets via some rubber grommets.

Anyway, can't leave Thursdays blog without a pic, so here are the TB's:

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