Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Finished with the Donor Car.

I've now removed the loom from the Puma, this involved removing the dash. Once you know where the screws are it's easy!, but finding the screws ain't!.

At the mo, I'm not sure how much of it it I'll be able to make good use out of, but just automotive grade wires are worth keeping even if I use them to make my own loom. I did find an emergency cut off switch hiding in the passenger footwell, and that is something that can be used.

Steering column came out, then went back in as I need it to get rid of the car, and also, the fuel pump has been relieved of it's puma duties and will find a good home in the J15.

So, what next?....Well, I keep talking about the inlet manifold, and that's now well underway. Currently making up the two flanges that will be joined via the alloy tube. Also made an idle adjustment screw up.

Will try and get some pics of the inlet manifold posted soon. Meanwhile, I've strung all the bits I have up from the garage roof...and this is what it looks like so far :-)

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  1. Very impressed with your garage and ability to disguise your donor Jenko!! Looking good