Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Throttle bodies.

I was umming and arrring about whether to use the puma inlet manifold and plenum. But I just can't do it. I just know the engine will respond well to ITB's and a decent exhaust.....ITB's it is then
Throttle bodies arrive (ebay) - they were very dirty, but a hour in the garage with the gunk got them looking almost like new.

I've gone for the GSXR750 TB's as they were about the right size with a 50mm inlet tapering down to 40mm.
 This time around (I did this with the Westfield) I'm going to try to effectively make them direct to head. This will involve welding them to an inlet manifold that I will design, but will will need to get the fabrication and machining work done elsewhere (que a call to my father who has a small workshop with a lathe and a milling machine).

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