Saturday, 22 September 2012

Donor car

I picked up my donor car yesterday. A 2001 ford puma with 85k miles and a full ford service history. It was advertised as the clutch was slipping and the owner could not bothered to get it much did I pay for it?.........a frankly ridiculous £250. So, that's engine, gearbox, and whole load of other parts for 250!. It was useful being able to give the car a good run driving back from Horsham engine and gearbox felt fine. I will no doubt replace the clutch with an updated one.

Now begins the job of dismantling it.

Had a good shot at the dismantling the car..........gear linkage removed, loom labeled up and disconnected, drive shafts pulled. Am hoping to remove the engine and gearbox tomorrow.


  1. £250? That really is ridiculous. My first car in 1989 was an absolute rust bucket of a mini and cost... £250

  2. Hi I'm Paul's wife,

    Please check out my blog ( It's my perspective on his Sylva J15 build, just a bit of fun. He does know I am doing this.

    Cara x