Thursday, 27 September 2012

Hubs - The strip down continues.

The kit comes with fabricated rear uprights. This means the only part required from the donor car are the actual front hubs that take the driveshaft spline. Problem.....Once hub is removed the wheels can no longer be attached. Therefore, the donor car will be close to impossible to move around on the drive, and even more difficult to get to the scrap yard once I've finished with it.

So, I ended up calling on good old ebay for some hubs. Unfortunately, no one was selling the hubs without the uprights, so I ended up buying the lot - £30 delivered which wasn't too bad considering the weight (that's for NS and OS).

After I received them, I needed to get the hub out. This involved a 30mm socket and a sledge hammer....Job done.......Almost!. The bottom race from the bearing decided it was going to give easily, and remained attached to the hub. A cold chisel and a lump hammer were my friends when removing this.
 Although I know It won't last, I simply could not stand the thought of putting a rusty old hub on a new car (the bearings will all be new). So an hour with a wire brush and Hammerite got them look acceptable.


  1. You're making me jealous Paul, by the time you've finished I think I'll want a J15 too!

  2. Oh mate...wait until I post some pics tomorrow of the gear linkage I did will not be able to resist.

    P.s. I'm probably going to give Omex a go this time around.

  3. I started looking for info on the 1.7 engine at work today - turns out I was mistaken on the VVT and it is actually fully variable. It may be that leaving it disconnected is fine for full load, but I'll keep digging - I found a few dusty folders in a cupboard with engine specs...

  4. Ahh ok..that's interestings....I'm not sure there are many ecus that can do full variable...but the oOmex can do on off, so it may be that I just have to run it like a Honda vtec.....keep looking... All good stuff...engine came out this eve.

  5. Hi
    Think my emerald has a puma map might be worth a phone call. Adams CKC R1ot had omex and puma but it achieved not much more than normal on bhp ?

  6. Cheer nick...I'm going to look into this...