Sunday, 30 September 2012

And it's out :-)

Engine out, and no real dramas.
Spent all morning with the gunk trying to get it too look respectable, having now cleaned it down I will also paint it.
Obviously the picture shows it fully stripped down. The power steering pump has been binned and I need to get an aux belt from a 1.25 zetec fiesta (some of which did not have power steering). I need to get the engine ready for install before the rest of the kit comes, then I can forget about it. On problem I have identified is the throttle body alignment. The pumas convoluted alloy manifold is cleverly designed to bend around the alternator. This means throttle bodies have to do the same thing. Not a big problem, just means the inlet manifold will take a bit more fabricating.

Anyway, while the engine is out, I will change the cambelt, but will resist removing the had. Of course, the cam cover will be painted too.

I've now started removing the loom from the puma....this is another job that is probably more difficult than I first thought...It's routed under lights and trim, so most of it needs removing. Oh well, gives me an excuse to put the bits I remove on ebay....I'm now on a mission to try and sell enough bits to recoup my £250 for the puma...this will mean that many of the parts I will use on the kit will effectively be 'FREE' :-)

Finally, what self confessed petrol head could remove an engine with out having a look under the cam cover :-) here are some pics, and all seems well, lobes are in great condition. The variable valve system is interesting, and an a friend who has a Westfield (and also conveniently has worked with ford mapping engines) is looking into the control.

Once Im done with the engine, I'll make a start on the gearbox (just needs a clean).

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