Sunday, 23 September 2012

Engine...not out!

I was hoping to get the engine out of the donor car today, but alas, the British weather had other ideas!. Pretty much everything is unconnected, but the Haynes manual says remove from the bottom, and this really does not make sense, so I will probably ignore Mr Haynes.

Another issue are the dilemma Is if I use them the wheels will not go back on the donor car and thus moving it around will not be easy. I'm keen to get it off the drive as soon as poss to keep the 'our drive looks like a scrapyard' comments from the wife to a minimum, so I may end up up leaving them on.

A couple of observations about the puma:

A). It was bloody good fun to drive home, and I can't believe how cheap they are for how cool they are. I can only assume they are expensive to insure for the young'uns.
B). The exhaust manifold is so appallingly designed, it must be zapping 30bhp!.
C). In contrast to the exhaust, the inlet manifold is a work of cast alloy art. Shame it won't be used!.
D). The gear change on the shaft driven linkages in the puma is seriously good. I just hope this transfers to final build.
E). The gear knob is machined from a solid piece of alloy, and will suit the j15, that's another £30 saved.

I would like to know how the Puma variable valve timing works if any one has a link or can explain it would be much appreciated.

Right, Monday tomorrow...back to work, probably not allot going happen during the week.


  1. The VVT advances the inlet cam timing above *can't remember the speed - maybe 3500?* using oil pressure delivered by a solenoid through a geared sleeve on the shaft. It isn't really variable, just one timing or t'other, so pretty easy to drive with an ECU

  2. So, it's either on or off dependant on rpm?. Ok...that makes life a little easier. Cheers mike

  3. I am 6 months down the same road!