Monday, 3 November 2014

Side duct number 1.

I promised I would keep everyone updated on this, so will try my hardest to keep taking photos as I go.

Moving on from the top vents in the engine bay, I've now installed the first of two NACA ducts in the side pod. After some measuring I realised I was able to squeeze in a 75mm duct. The main issue here was the fact that the side pod is not flat over the area of the duct. However, by strategically tightenin the rivets in an order so it pulled the fiberglass out evenly, I was 'JUST' able to get the duct flush to the body work.

The 75mm ducting came from ramair, and is good stuff...feels nice and strong.

The pipe work in the engine bay is pointing towards the air filter. No idea if it will make a real world difference, but as it was getting genuinly warm around this area, I can't see why not. By having a very slight

upwards angle on the duct, I was able to route the 75mm tube between chassis tubes. This holds it nicely. 

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