Sunday, 26 October 2014

More on the venting

I mentioned in my last blog update about my musings regarding engine cooling via some movement of fresh air. Since then, I've cut the 5 holes just above the throttle bodies and added some mesh. With the engine run up to temperature, you can really feel the warm air rising from this area, so it can only be a good thing with regards to inlet temperature.

I was also pondering the very rear of the car and thinking about some holes just above the exhaust silencer. While doing one of my 35 min staring sessions with a cuppa, I noticed some recesses in the back of the rear clam. I say noticed, I mean remembered....these were originally meant for rear reflectors, but as I changed my light arrangement from what Sylva intended (reflectors were built in to rear light cluster), the recesses were redundant.

For a laugh a I drilled them out and finished the edge off with a grommet. Yes, I know they won't do much in the way of cooling, but I think it looks rather good (better than a wasted recess anyway).

And finally, I have just noticed a nice little area just in front of the rear wheel arch, that would fit a small(ish) NACA duct just perfectly. With one of these installed each side and some nice 50mm ducting pointing up towards the throttle bodies, I think I could really make use of the top vent holes.

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