Tuesday, 25 November 2014


For some strange reason, the 25th Nov 2014 feels like a bigger milestone than passing the IVA. So, whats happened?......Well, the V5C form arrived today, and when I checked online the car had also been taxed. I had to check as the DVLA no longer issues tax discs, and there was no paperwork.

So, I picked the kit up on the 10th Nov 2012, and completed it on the 25th Nov 2014. Just over two yrs to build...not bad I suppose.

I've had a few moments recently where I've stood back and pondered what I would do differently if I was to build it again, and I guess its good to report that the answer was not a lot. I should have hacked off the steering lock gubbins and fitted an immobiliser (much neater), and also moved the key ignition to the side pod. Apart from that I think it's car I intended on building.

So, I should stop the blog?

Well, as anyone who has built a kit car knows, getting through the IVA is just a start, I'm now looking forward to some track days next year and trying to 'develop' the car into a quick track car.

Things I will ponder over the next year or so:
  • Anti Roll Bars
  • Side impact protection
  • New camshafts / remap
  • Brake balance adjustment
  • Suspension set up 
  • Aeropackage - front splitters / rear diffuser
Watch this space!

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