Sunday, 16 November 2014


 I had a letter from the DVLA on saturday...Dear sir, you enclosed the incorrect amount for the first years tax payment...etc...etc....

Turns out, the first year you tax a car, it must be for a year...DOH!. Oh well, a few more weeks to wait then.

Meanwhile, a job I've been itching to do for a long long time......THE AEROSCREEN :-)

The standard Sylva offering for a windcreen is fairly tall and clear perspex. Point being it's tall enough that you need be able to actually look through it. It's a nice design though, just not exactly what I wanted.

I've always like the lip aeroscreens like you see on Caterhams, but the shape of the J15 does not lend itself to this sort of screen. The plan was to use some flat carbon, wrap it around the lip on the tub and secure it...Job done!..note quite. As there are two curves to contend with my so called simple job turned out to be actually quite difficult. To a point three attempts at a card template, and I gave up. What now?......A call to a fellow builder who has yet to fit his screen was the answer (thanks Chris). I took a template, and few hrs work on the weekend the J15 was sporting it's new aeroscreen. Still needs some further securing, but that can wait until the tub comes off.

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