Thursday, 27 February 2014

Rear Brakes - Revisited

It's been a bit of a struggle, but we got there in the end. To fit the Hispec IVA callipers, the uprights needed some minor modification....It's taken far too long, but to be fair to Hispec they did the modification and the callipers now fit perfectly. Basically, they say that the calliper will fit a golf, but actually it doesn't, it has the same hole pcd, but the offset is way out.What this all means is a). I now have plenty of Clearence for 13 inch wheels, b).the handbrake cable has a good un interrupted path. c). nothing is anywhere near the CV boot....All in all, a decent modification.

A few pics of the engine mount and the drop I added to lower the engine. Also shown is the later J15 engine rubbers.

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  1. Everything is soooo shiny! Great news re: 13" ��