Saturday, 22 February 2014

Sealing the side pods, and redoing bits I'm not happy with.

Things have slowed a little recently, no real reason, but probably because I'm doing jobs I'm not overly interested in......However, they need to be done so tough!.

First off are the side pods, or sills.........Most of my electrics reside in this area so it's important that they are protected from the elements. The problem here is of course they sit perfectly in line with the wheels, which of course are very effective water / mud / grime spitting machines. I've started with the basics which means getting as good as possible seal, but more work will be needed creating an actual wheel arch. Meanwhile some alloy fabrication is in progress (this will be powdercoated of course). I liked the look of the older 'riveted' cars, but there's no opportunity on the J15 to get this, so I opted to bolt the panels into the side pod.

I've also been doing....make that 're-doing' jobs that I've not been happy with, one of these was the fuel hoses from the tank. I've neatened them up, I can now look at them without pondering that I could have done them better :-)

What else has been happening.....Ahh yes....trim........interior is all but finished, and I've put the rubber u channel over the seats.

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