Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lights and more carbon, and some fuel tank mods.

Long ago I decided not to use the rear lights provided with the kit...the simple reason for this was I had found some rather nice looking LED lights that would not need the larger holes cut out from the rear clam. Anyway, this is them, and I think will look good on the J15.
Back on to the fuel tank, on the back of some discussions regarding fuel tank venting, I decided to revisit my simplistic 'connect a pipe' system. As luck would have it, I salvaged the fuel tank vent from the Puma, and kept it!.....a simple solution, and the fuel tank is now vented via a nice valve that lets air out, but closes if there is fuel on it (i.e. if you flip the car).

Last but not least for this post.....the interior.

For the top panelling I'm using 2mm carbon fibre...for no other reason than I think it looks good. For the sides to remain IVA compliant I used some rubber strip (normally found on wheel arches). This was glued on and is also held in via the screws holding the panels down. The end result is a good quality panel, with a nice finish that (in theory) should not squeak, and offer some level of water resistance.....

The gear leaver uses the same gator removed from the puma, and is simple in design and clean looking.

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