Sunday, 9 March 2014

Shocks - Revisited

Seems to be flavour of the month......the word 'revisited'.

So, back on to the subject of shocks.....Yes, I've changed the perfectly good avo's for no other reason than weight saving. With the ethos of this build focused on weight, having a set of 2.25inch steel shocks peeking at me every time I opened the garage door was just too much for me to take, so a rather nice set of Aluminium gaz golds were ordered. These are 1.9inch, and after getting both sets on the scales (with springs), the weight saving was 3.4kgs.....that's 3.4kgs of unsprung weight saved....not bad. I stayed with spherical bearings rather than rubber bushes as the car will 'hopefully' be spending much of its time on track. The spring rates of 200lbs front and 300lbs rear have also stayed as this seems to be a good set up judging by the experience of other J15 owners.

As mentioned in the last update, the hispec rear callipers have now been fitted, the brake system has been bled, and I had some handbrake adjusters machined up which hold the cables in situe. The brakes feel nice and hard, so let's hope this stays when the car is on the road. One thing I need to keep  in the back of my mind is the brake bias bar, which, once set set up to ensure the rears do not lock up before the fronts, needs locking of for iva.

Work continues on the side pod panels, but this is proving to be a long task...probably because panelling is one of my least favourite jobs, and whenever I do get time on the car I'm always looking for something else to do!. I really want to get this done as finishing this is the catalyst for dropping the central tub on, and that of course is the catalyst to getting the rest of the body work on.
Also been playing around with the seat position and belts. With myself in the car I think they are ok with respect to not touching anything.

A pic of the wiring loom connector to the rear clam.

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