Monday, 17 December 2012

Puma gone, Chassis welded,

Much to the wife's dismay, the Puma has moved on to a better life sat in a scrapyard!. She begged me to keep it on the drive as it looked so nice, but I put my foot down and said no........Thanks to Mark for the kind offer of sitting in a car with little in the way of brakes and (unknown to him) most of the wheel nuts and steering column nuts almost undone while being towed by me, he had to use the handbrake which was almost cooked by the time we got to the scrapyard.....anyway, goodbye puma.
Also, A big thanks to Richard for welding in the seat cross members. This is something that does not come with the chassis, as most use the optional cushions you can purchase from Sylva. These cushions are genuinely comfortable, but as I want to use the car on track I wanted a more supportive seat (see previous post).  Mental note...I must learn to weld!.

Finally, I dropped the chassis off to the powdercoaters this morning (17th Dec 12) on my way into work. While I was there, I was able to take a sneaky peek at the other parts after powder coat.....I should be picking this lot up this week, which should give me a bit of time of Christmas to make a start on the horrible job of drilling and riveting 300 holes!. FYI...anyone local, I can recommend Calmac for powdercoating work, they do lots of car work and know thier stuff.

P.S. The wishbone / engine mount / bracket colour is a mat black with a 30% gloss to give it a little bit of a sheen....looks great thus far.

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