Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Oh so Orange :-)

Two posts in one day!.

The powdercoaters called me to say the chassis was finished.......Couldn't wait to see it so I popped in on my way home from work to pick it up....and I wasn't disappointed.

The colour came out exactly as I wanted. I was after the Orange from the Mclaren F1 GT car of the 90's, and to my eyes, this is what I got.

Naturally I had to slot the seat in (what is it about orange and Carbon that look so good), and offer up a few panels to see how the colours are looking together.
I was particularly pleased with the driver footwell panel that for some reason looked great with the grip pattern.

The side pod panel was to hand, so again, couldn't resist offering it up to see the colour contrast.
Of interest (if you are building a J15), the scuttle panels are not really defined in the instructions, so I've oped for a two piece panel and It will be rivnutted (is that a word?) in rather than riveted. The reason for this is simply because I'm guessing it will be useful to have the option of removing the panel if you need to get to other parts of the car. The split in the panel is because the steering column goes over the top of it so, would be impossible to remove with out it.

Finally (for today), here is a pic of the fuel pump modification required for the deep tank (did this earlier this week). The pump and brackets are retained from the Puma, but the bracket is cut and another piece added so the pump sits at the bottom of the tank. This of course means the fuel pipe and associated electrics also need lengthening.
 See, told you there would be more colour in this post :-)


  1. Hmmm... I'd convinced myself that I didn't need to coat my panels. You've got me wondering again! It looks great!

  2. I always struggled to keep the Westfield panels clean, so promised myself I would put a finish on the new build....no idea how well they will last.

  3. Looks like a giant meccano set coming together now :-)

  4. Cracking finish Jenko... keep up the good work ;0)

    You got the first track day booked yet?

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  5. Hi Jenko,
    Just came across your blog while searching for a solution to my ongoing issues with Throttle Body installation on my J15! A great read and amusing - especially with your (very understanding wife) getting involved.
    I started around my 40th birthday and I'm 50 now! Only joking but it does feel that way!! :-)
    I see your in Southampton which as a coincidence is where I am. It would be great to get in touch.
    Regards, Chris

  6. Hi Chris, great to hear from another j15 builder.....I'm in Horton Heath, and you would be more than welcome to pop over if you want a closer look at the throttle bodies......plus, it would be great to swap some ideas.

    Wher are you, and are you around for the next few days?.


    1. Hi Paul,
      Sorry for the late response - I expected my blog profile to mail me on your response but clearly that didnt work!
      Id love to pop over and see you. Im back a work this week and away next week so it would have to be after that. Im sure ive done some head scratching for problems youve yet to come across although you do seem to be progressing at quite a rate!
      Regards, Chris

  7. Hi Chris,

    Drop me an email - jstudio123 at yahoo dot co dot uk
    We can then arrange a date and time