Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Milestone reached........

You know when you have reached an important part of the build when you are able to sit in the car while holding on a steering wheel and make Brumm, Brumm noises.......yes, this happened this week and I was one happy bunny :-)

More happy because I shipped the panelling and some other metalwork off the powder coasters. On the same day the seat arrived.......for this, I took a flyer. I always liked my Westfield seat, but thought the same type would not fit the sylva chassis...however, after measuring, it was close so I figured I could trim the seat to fit......obviously to go one better than the Westfield, said seat was ordered in carbon.....ive said it before, but what a tart!

The really good news was the apparent driving position with the wheel in place....I hesitate to use the word, but it felt perfect, and I think I sat there for a good hour pondering the build.

The chassis rails for the seats are hopefully getting welded this week (thanks Richard), then it joins its other components for shot blasting and powdercoating.

Colour...well after lots of thought, I decided I wanted to be a bit different, so it's semi matt black for panels, wishbones, engine mounts, rear uprights, bodywork brackets, and a rather nice ral2000 orange for the main chassis.....this should complement the French blue body work in a subtle 'gulf racing' type of way.

One issue I will need to deal with is the handbrake cable routing....as found on other j15 builds, by using race type seats there is not enough clearance for the handbrake cable which is actually designed to go down the passenger tunnel side.....not ideal but space is tight. I'm hoping by using a larger pulley under the handbrake, it will rout the cable very close to the floor and just sneak under the seat...I will only know when the seat is in its final position.

Next post will hopefully be full of colour :-)


  1. Nice seat!! Are you going for a 5 point Sabelt harness?

  2. Hi Dom, probably stick with a 4 point for now....needs to be iva friendly