Tuesday, 31 December 2013

And so 2013 comes to an end....

 A bit of time off work, and apart from entertaining the kids, I've also managed to finish off a few niggles on the car build.

One of them was the fan which I had originally wired in to operate simply from the fan switch in the radiator. As it turns out, the ecu can take charge of this task, with the advantage of being able to program in the temperature you want the fan to switch in and out at. I figured as the the radiator is so far away from the engine in the J15 / Vectis, having the ECU reading the temp direct from the engine would be a better strategy. It's a simple case of using the ECU to provide a 0v signal to a relay, thus making the circuit to turn the relay on, this then starts up the fan...simples.

Also, completed (thanks to some helpful fellow builders / drivers on the locostbuilders forum) was the alternator wiring, the Puma has a two pin connector, so this was simply connected to a switched 12v supply and the other pin to the warning light on the digital dash....I wired all the engine using the semi assembled loom from Omex via connectors so it's all quick release if required.

Finally for 2013, I celebrated the end of the engine wiring by adorning it with a newly sprayed and lacquered engine cover...I was going to make one out of carbon, but thought better of it as the one on the Puma engine has a rather nice design which seals off the spark plug area.

2013......over and out....roll on 2014, which may well be the year the J15 hits the road...we shall see.

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