Sunday, 12 January 2014

Shafted!..... a good way of course.

Drive shafts..........ah yes, drive shafts.

Unfortunately, the puma drive shafts are a little too long for the J15. There are two viable options...shorten the existing shafts from a Puma / Fiesta or get some new ones made up. My first thoughts were to shorten. I had a few quotes from to do this ranging from £280 to £500, which to me seemed way too high. I ended up using a small engineering firm (and by small, I think it's one chap with a Lathe), said gentleman has been making drive shafts for many years, so I sent him up a shaft from the Puma, and he copied it exactly, all be it being 40mm shorter for the drivers side and 37mm for the passenger side. The shafts made from EN24T, and on assembly fitted perfectly...So, I'm a happy chap, as technically speaking the car could now potentially move under it's own steam.

Another recent purchase were the seatbelts. From experience with my Westfield, they had to be 3inch, so I called Titon in Poole who offer a custom service and can tailor the belts to your requirements. For this build short belts are needed, with snap hooks on the shoulder straps, and eye fixings for the lap straps with the lap adjustments that pull down from the buckle  rather than up from the fixing. Anyway, fantastic service from Titon who are a pleasure to deal with, and some very nice quality belts and a good price...can't ask for more than that.....

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