Thursday, 7 March 2013

Dash and Header tank

The digital dash arrived...I ended up going for a Koso DB1R Plus...The main reason was the size. Basically, there is bugger all room above the steering column, and this was one of the few that fitted. I'm sure other J15 builders will be questioning my taste when comes to this item, and quite rightly so. The J15 has fantastic lines, and is a classic shape, and an angular digital dash is not really in keeping with the design. But, as mentioned previously, I've always wanted to keep the car light weight, simple and uncluttered, and as the Koso has rpm, speed, warning lights and fuel level, it fits the bill. As you can see, once in position, it does offer a good view of the screen. It will be a while before it's fired up, and there are a few issues with the speedo signal to overcome.

Onto the header tank....I purchased this a while ago, and it was a bit grotty, but an hour with the autosol, and it looked liked something worthy or a new car. I made a couple of alloy brackets with rivnuts for the tank attachment they were then riveted to the chassis, the tank then simply screws in via some M6 bolts.

Ive also been raiding the scrap yard for waterhoses and a cooling fan...this has worked out well, as a bag of hoses of all different types costs a fiver, and fit very well. The fan came from a polo, and needed some mods to the frame, but again, it's a top quality bit of kit, and came with the fan temperature sensor/switch, and a nice bracket for the wiring....More pics of this lot fitted next time.

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