Thursday, 28 February 2013

Throttle pedal

I must admit, I didn't think much of the standard Sylva offering for a throttle pedal fixing. It consisted of a bolt with two nuts....theory being, bolt through a hole on the pedal box, slide on throttle pedal, tighten up one nut but not tight to the pedal, use the other nut as a locking nut......OK, I'm sure this would have been OK, but it did mean there was a fair amount of slop in the pedal (sideways), and also, the potential for the nuts to tighten up and jam the pedal was (I thought) too high. My basic thought was to simply put a bar across the entire box and slide the pedal over it with the appropriate spacers.

So, I gave my design brief to my engineering consultants (i.e. retired dad)......

In true engineering style, the brief turned into a mission to see just how good he could make a throttle pedal a shaft was machined up with push through spacers, the pedal received a couple of high quality bearings that fitted....result...a pedal with no sideways movement whatsoever, and a very smooth action. Very pleased


  1. Looking good sir, certainly helps having your own personal engineering secret weapon ;0)