Monday, 18 March 2013

Rad, fan, and some plumbing

Not a massive amount of progress of recent, but I'm hoovering up some of the smaller jobs that need doing. I fitted the radiator some time ago, but was unhappy with the position. The arrival of the fan meant I could do some more measurements and it was too close to the chassis, so this gave a good excuse to redo the brackets.

Once again, in the interests of keeping things simple, I opted to make 4 alloy brackets that bolted direct to the wishbone mounts via the wishbone bolts. The frontal area of the chassis can be exposed, so the less drilling the better. This meant that the entire assembly did not require any additional chassis drilling.

As mentioned previously, the rad was new (for a golf mk4), and the fan was liberated from a Polo. I removed the fan from the scrap polo with the associated connectors and fan switch which meant that the install was neat enough thanks to mr VW. For the fan to fit, a stand off was required. The usual way of fitting a fan is to either use the fitting kits (which are basically ties that pass through the rad, or via some brackets that attach to the holes in the side of the rad. In the spirit of 'kit car' I devised my own which consisted of some large M6 stainless washers, cable ties, and and some old silicone tube I had lying around to act as the stand off.

One gripe I had was the material used for the cooling fins on the rad has the strength of tin foil. even if you look at it in a funny way, it bends!.

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