Sunday, 10 February 2013

12 volts and hydraulics

Just returned from a very relaxing 4 days at Center parcs. A huge thank you to the amazing people at Naomi House who looked after our little Ollie while mum, me and our eldest were able to get away from the hum drum of everyday life and let our hair down for 4 nights. It was hard leaving Ollie for that long, but we really did need it, the Tracheostomy has meant that neither myself or my wife ever get a night where we are not up at least three times.......The staff at Naomi House (who offer respite for families with disabled children) are simply incredible.

Anyway, batteries recharged, and a battery in the car....thanks to Mark for the loan of a stunt battery so I could make up a bracket.

 I thought carefully about where to position it, the obvious place is just behind the rear bulk head behind the passenger, but having a think about weight distribution I think it would help to have some weight further over the left hand side of the car and a forward of the driver. The simple logic for this is because the engine is over to the right as is the driver, so anything to off set this I'm guessing will help in my quest to have a rapid track car.

The clutch hydraulics are also almost finished (just need some small hose clips). The connection and the pipe was retained from from the Puma, I reformed this with my trusty pipe bender, and made a small bracket to hold the pipe.

Back to the engine position I mentioned in the last post, You can see here how much I've dropped it.....
 .....which has given a little extra clearance for the air filters. As mentioned before, the clearance is far from ideal, but I've tried to make to best of a bad situation...The trade off was always inlet length vs closeness to the rear bulk head.

 Finally, and very dull....the fuel tank fittings. I really would like to use the aeroquip connectors, and braided hose all round, but will put this down as a future upgrade.


  1. Looking good, Paul. Sounds like you had a well deserved break at Centre Parcs.

    Have you got the fuel rail made yet? If not, suggest you go returnless fuel - much easier to route the hoses that way...

  2. I'm using the puma fuel rail which you can't see from the pics, but it's tucked neatly under the pastic cover.....but alas it does have a return....never really thought about going return less..maybe next time:-)