Tuesday, 30 June 2015

800 miles and counting

Not a massive amount to report....car now has 800 miles on the clock, and so far no real issues. It's been reliable, even through a particularly big downpour!.

The screen is now working well with it's new additional Perspex clear add-ons, but I'm not overly happy with the way it looks. I asked JP if he could do one of his screens for the J15 with a tint, but alas, no can do. I'm not in a rush to change it, but will park it in the 'things to think' about bucket.

Also, you may have noticed the vent in the bonnet. This is to try to minimise some of the parachute effect you get with these designs. It allows air to escape a little quicker...does it work?........
................who knows, but it's carbon and looks good, so that will do for now.

I'm trying a smattering of lipstick on the very front of the car. Again, something I did with previous westfield and does add to the look. It's done with peel off rubber spray which is great for when I inevitably get board and decide to change the look of the car again.


  1. Hi Paul

    The J15 is a great looking car and you have made a fantastic job of it... very inspiring!

    Will it be going to Stoneleigh?



  2. Thanks Simon....appreciate the feedback....No idea about Stoneleigh yet.....to be honest, it's not been used in 5 months!.....looking forward to getting it out after winter.

  3. Hi Paul have a few questions with regards your install of a 1.7 in to the Sylva as I have a sylva riot and I'm looking at installing a 1.7 puma engine on an omex in to that. Would it be possible to email you a few questions we have about it and pick your brain? If so this is possible could you email us at Fernmotorsport@gmail.com , cheers Ian.

  4. Hi Paul, just returned to this after your post on WSCC...

    It looks great - a real credit to you