Thursday, 26 March 2015

500 miles update

Having now done 0.5k miles in the little Sylva I thought it time to update the blog. most of the miles have been a sneeky trip into work on a Friday (1/2 day which means I can take the 'long' way home). So, rush hour traffic and the J15....Not as bad as you may think, the hydraulic (and standard) clutch is a welcome bonus in comparison to the fast road clutch I had in the westfield. Lets see how it copes on track but with a car weighing less than half its original intended application, my guess is it will be fine.

I mentioned in the last post that the screen needs some additional height, this has now been sorted with two small perspex screens, thats really helped, and on  a private road I took the J15 upto 105mph with not too much in the way buffeting.

I also popped over a fellow J15 builders house on the weekend. His car has a duratec 2.0ltr engine that I'm sure is going to be a beast, but has built the car with a period look, really good to see the same car with 2 different build briefs. Anyway, looking good Chris, I'll be cheering you on for an IVA in 2015 :-)

I'm still saving my pennies to get the suspension set up. I keep toying with the idea of 4 ebay 180kg scales, some string and some luck.....but I just know I'll always wonder if its' right, so no, no, no...naughty boy for even thinking it!.

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