Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wheels again, and more on the exhaust.

Back onto the subject of wheels.......

I purchased some rather nice Image split rims and have been working on getting them refurbished. This was an interesting process. The three piece split rims have a central hub, an inner and an outer rim.

I had the outer rims re-polished and the hub stripped back and recoated in black. The end result is the wheels really do look great. On re assembly you need to seal the joints using a High Modulus silicone. I also opted to use all new nuts and bolts throughout.

Fitment wise.....if you use the VW rear callipers it's a tight squeeze, but the split rims do fit with some work. Rims are 7 inch wide with an offset of 29. Tyres will be toyo R888's (185/60/13) allround to start with (maybe going up to a 205 rear when I start upping the power of the engine).

Moving onto the exhaust..........The silencer is a 6 inch x 18inch stainless with a seperate 200cat. Plumbing this lot is going to be a head scratcher, but I think I have a plan...see below for approx placement of the system. Doing it like this will mean the rear clam will need to open forward. Plan is to get the exhaust sorted out then worry about the body work at a later date.

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  1. Paul, a quick thought on your 13" wheels. I have used the same but 6" at the front and 7" at the rear. I discovered that the end of the upper front wishbone, where the ball joint is bolted on, fouls the inside of the rim on full bump. Mine are Image wheels too but I had to get them re-assembled with the hub on the outside to prevent them poking outside the wheel arch. Your offset may be different from mine which may well overcome the issue. I got a pair of 3 mm spacers which did the job.