Sunday, 15 September 2013

progress on exhaust

The first part of the exhaust system is complete.....all that remains is to connect the cat to the inlet of the silencer. I say all...thats the most difficult bit!.

To get all this to work, the rear clam will need some fettling.....but I think it's better to get the exhaust how I want and do the body work later......

Back to the wheels...I've been playing around with some carbon arch extensions, and I'm sure I can get them to work and look good.....Question is, with my idea of using carbon strip and some rubber trim, will the IVA man be ok with it?....answers on a post card please!.


  1. Hello Paul, what is the hole for on the top of the CAT? Is it for attaching the CAT to the body work? They can get really hot can't they are you worried about melting the clam!!


  2. There is no hole...but I assume you are looking at the Lambda sensor boss?. If I attached the cat to the body work I reckon it was last 2 mins before bursting into flames. I will need to cut out some of the under part of the rear clam to clear the CAT, the plan is to either exhaust wrap it or put some heat shield around it, plus I will put some heat reflective material on the bodywork.