Saturday, 26 January 2013

4 wheels on my wagon, and i'm just.............

...................etc, etc.

Anyway, I had the rear bearings pressed into the rear upright by the local friendly garage. Makes me laugh when I think I actually lined them up in my vice pondering whether it would be possible to do!....Of course it wasn't unless I could somehow generate the best part of 10 tons of pressure!.
So, bearings pressed in, then the hubs were pressed into the bearing. The kit comes with some decent quality heavy duty ford bearings, and I hope I'll never need to change them as I cant think how they will ever come out.

Of course, rear bearings and hubs in means that the rear uprights and wishbones can be installed, and this of course means I could bolt on the rear wheels, and this of course means the car now has 4 wheels, and this means it can come off the axel stands, and this means I can see no good reason whatsoever not to throw on the front clam, stick my oldest in the driving seat and pretend for 5 mins that the car is actually finished :-)

I'm really liking the colour combination of the blue orange and black. 

Of course, all body work is held on with some tape at the mo. I really do need to get the shocks sorted out as I need to do a preliminary alignment of the wheels and suspension. For these it's off to protec who I used for the Westfield, and for the price I think they are probably the best out there. The spring rates on the standard car are 200lbs for the front, and 300lbs for the rear. On my test drive of the demo car I noticed how beautifully composed it felt on the very bumpy and muddy lanes of Lincolnshire. So, in a blatant attempt to ruin the ride for a few extra 10ths on the track I'm going to go higher, probably up another 50lbs allround, but before I order I will consult track developments who set up my westfield for their thoughts.


  1. Been a while since I checked your blog!! Looks like massive progress since start of the month and looking very, very, tidy :-)

  2. Not checked the blog for a few weeks - looking great :-)

  3. Thanks mentioned, progress will slow a little from here on as the money pot has run dry.....but I can still make a start on the wiring and drop the engine in....Hopefully, this weekend.