Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wheel arch protection and lighting

Not a massive amount done of late, but at least the rear lights are now completed and working. If you have been reading the blog, then you will no I opted not to use the lights that came with the kit for no other reason than I found the LED autolamps all in one units to be a good fit with style and ethos of the car I'm building. The LED units mean the drilling and mounting is easier as they sit on the fibreglass rather than poking through it, it also means the rear of the lights are less exposed to the inner wheel arch environment.

The fog, reverse and number plate lights are also LED, and suitably bright as can be seen in the pic below.
Other additions to J15 include some font inner arches to at least 'try' to keep the inevitable road grime away from the rest of the car...quite how effective this will be remains to be seen. I actually made them from the same material they use for most production cars. It's a plastic which is bendy enough to go around corners, lined with some rubber finishing strip. It's simply bolted into the panels that close of the end of the sills. More of this stuff needs to be strategically deployed around the car, but all in good time.

 Last but not least for May 2014.....what car would not look complete without a huge black dot on the side!. Number to be decided.....might put my age when I finished the car!
Next step...wire font lights and rolling road.


  1. Looking cracking Paul, keep up the good work Sir

  2. The lights look good. Have you got a link?