Friday, 11 April 2014's twins!.

This potentially could have been my most inspired moment of the entire build!

With the rear down and located, the exhaust tail was slightly off centre, not that noticeable but yet another one of those things that annoyed the hell out of me. The solution.........well, I could extend the tail section (pre the 90 degree bend) by an inch...hummm, yes......or, I could add another exhaust. Never one to take the easy route out, the twin exhaust (you get the post title now?) was what I decided to do. Another tail section and a 90 degree bend purchased, and some grovelling to the welder, and yes, we have a twin exhaust....and before you ask....yes, it works, it's not fake, we cut out a section in the other exhaust tail section so exhaust gas comes out of both pipes.

It's another one of those things that I think really suits the car....Very pleased

Another 'looks enhancing' item I've been pondering is the stripes. I toyed with a few ideas, but settled on either twin stripes, or one thick and two thin....I think I prefer the latter....decision made.

Arches are complete, light's still need doing, then off to the rollers for a tune up.

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  1. Has to be single stripe with badge on stripe?

    Dual pipes!! Looks awesome :-)