Saturday, 13 July 2013

Brake cylinders, front clam fixing and a very nice wheel

The fixing of the front clam was another part of the build that I wasn't entirely looking forward to. The first step is to get the clam in position then mark out and install two fiberglass panels into the front to a), stiffen up the clam and b): to give a fixing point for the brackets.

I decided to tackle this by hanging the clam first on some fixing points that I attached to the main tub, these points will act as a lip and support and help spread the load. With the panels marked I fiberglassed in the supports.

There have been some discussions on the locost forum recently regarding the fitment of integral master cylinders. From my experience, I don't seem to have an issue with them, but there are a few variables that could mean they don't fit certain cars....the biggest of which being a different pedal box for the earlier cars. Here are some pics of the three cylinders. Note the two brake cylinders are angled slightly down to get a better alignment with the bias adjustment bar, but to be honest this is probably not necessary. Also, I used some fiesta level indicators that fit the wilwood cylinders and are actually slightly lower than the wilwood cap. Again, this may help with clearance.

NOTE AND UPDATE: Having now completed the front body work alignment, there appears to be plenty of room for integral master cylinders with out having to angle them......I'm not sure why other can't fit them. but I don't see an issue using this set up.

Finally, a friend of mine was kind enough to let me borrow one of his 13 inch wheels from his caterham R300 (sorry, R419 since the engine was changed :-) ), this has made me more determined than ever to squeeze some 13" wheels on. These particular ones were a whopping 8 inch rim width, and wouldn't fit home, but I'm sure that a 6 inch rim would go on....To do this, I may need to put some subtle wheel arch extensions on and go with a offset of around 24, but I really feel it can be done.

You have to admit, it really does look good though!..

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  1. Those wheels look chunky :-) Do they turn ok without contact?

    Love the washer spacers on the wilwoods.