Thursday, 22 November 2012

Panels, panels, everywhere

When I embarked on this project, the main part I feared was the alloy panelling......AND I WAS RIGHT!.

I'm just not enjoying doing this bit at all...Many an evening over the last week has been spent staring at the car for an hour with-out actually doing anything!. Fir panel I made didn't fit as well as I wanted (I've promised myself I will not put anything on this car I'm not happy with) and was scrapped!.

Anyway, after some frustrating hours, I've completed the two tunnel panels, the Gleko pins are a god-send as they hold the panels in almost as strong as rivets.

The driver panel is fairly long as it extends down to the pedal area. this makes handling of the alloy difficult.

The finished panels are going to be linished and powdercoated.

Onto something a little more interesting....the throttle bodies. I seem to have some sort of OCD when it comes to the TB's, I can't leave them alone...But, with my new found air filters, I needed a better way to fix them to the TB's....This alas meant different trumpets....So, I purchased (at a reasonable £20) 2 sets of outer rubbers from a gsxr 750. The outers are actually smaller than the inners hence why I could use them.

I think I'm happy now....but to re-cap!...Ready, take a deep breath...........I used the blue anodised air intake that I spent hours modifying so they would hold a back plate that would not fit, so I bought a filter that did not use a backplate, then some different trumpets that would fit the filter....what have I ended up with....bog standard GSXR750 trumpets with filters designed for a GSXR750    Phew!.....Yep...I'm an idiot!

Anyway, the finished article:

There is about 15mm between the air filter and the rear bulk head.....Not ideal, but I think I've made the best of a difficult situation with minium room.


  1. There is a lot to be said about doing the panels in fits and starts. On my Fury I cut out all the panels over a couple of days using a hand nibbler and ended up with RSI (not helped by a day job that meant I was using a compter mouse intensively at the time)!

  2. I didn't think that first panel would make the cut!! Not your usual high standard :-)

    Are those Gleko pins magnetic? How do they work?

  3. Luckily, kids get in the way of being able to spend a whole day n the no choice but to do it bit by bit :-)

    Dom, Gleko pins work with a spring loaded head that is pushed out with the gleko tool (like pliers), when you release the pin, is recesses back into the housing and expands gripping the hole edge....very clever.

  4. Got you, so you can fix the panel so it doesn't move after drilling a couple of rivet holes and using the pins and then mark up the rest of the panel accurately :-)